A Cure to the Gender Gap Starts With Women

Gender Gap Cure By Women

In 2010, the U.S. population was more than 308 million, with females comprising 50.8 percent of the total population.

The Pack Mentality

Females Wolves in a Pack

Female Wolves in a Pack

Women can be vicious creatures, especially when we align ourselves in Pack’s. We are not vicious to men, but rather unforgivable to our own kind. There are so many movies that display this premise from Mean Girls, to Heathers, to Bad Mom’s.

Women often gossip about other women. Some women are also notorious for calling other women sluts, bitches, and whores. Worst of all, women voted for Trump in the last election.

This demeaning act of putting other women down is dragging women backwards into something reminiscent of the “HandMaid’s Tale” and not forward into a society where men and women experience a balance in equality.

More Sexist Than Racist

It is abundantly clear that this country is way more sexist than racist. For this I have many reasons.

  1. Women make up more than 50% of the population. We are the majority. But yet we are still subordinate members of society.
  2. Our current President was caught on tape defiling women. CEO’s, the Republican Party, and half the country, including women, supported him and voted him into the office of President.
  3. Women, on average, are still paid less than men for similar jobs. This is surprising since women are now more likely to become college educated than men.

It doesn’t matter how many degrees women earn. If we spend our leisure time keeping other women down we will never cure the Gender Gap.

The Gender Gap Cure

By putting down other women, we are doing the work of those who feel women are less equal than men. We can’t continue on this path if women want equality. Equality must be spread from within. Women, as a gender, must stand together first and boost each other up, equally.

Women must support the younger generation of women instead of staring them up and down and judging them by their appearance. This judgment comes from a women’s own insecurities. Aging is difficult for women. We live in a superficial society where a women’s value is often determined by her looks. Women, and myself included, often look with envy at younger versions of ourselves.

If we want men to stop judging us by the way we look we need to stop judging ourselves and our fellow woman.

Women don’t need boob jobs, facelifts, and anymore fad diets to be valued. We are valuable because we are women. We have given life to this Earth. Women hold immeasurable value as caretakers, life givers, nurturers, teachers, and anything else a woman could ever want to be. Women hold value because we are human and deserve equality just like any other human on this earth.

The Challenge

I challenge every woman to have compassion for themselves and others alike. Stop judging and practice empathy. Be a role model for the next generation of strong females. Only then can the gender gap be cured.

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I am a scientist, teacher, student, friend, and mom. I am on a journey to my ultimate vitality. That journey includes living to the fullest, loving everyday, laughing whenever possible, and a constant state of learning.

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