Personal Vitality

Personal Vitality Warrior Style on the Missouri River near Forsythe, Montana

Personal Vitality is the process that creates a state of Ultimate Vitality. The two intrinsic components of Personal Vitality include Physical Vitality and Emotional Vitality. These two components are very dependent.

Physical Vitality

Physical Vitality explores health, sleep, aging, nutrition, movement and personal care.

Emotional Vitality

Emotional Vitality explores similar topics in sleep and aging, but includes mindfulness, relationships, mental health, and adventure

Personal Vitality Flow Chart

Every human being is unique thereby making it very important to ask individual questions. There is no one size fits all answer to anyone and it is about finding your own journey and creating your own experiment.

I’ve turned my health and well being into a dynamic science experiment in order to gain a better understanding of my personal vitality.

Example of Physical Vitality

Eating only organic foods and exercising five times a week are excellent practices to enhance Personal Vitality. However, the journey to physical vitality will fall short if you are stressed out from work and you hate your job. For this scenario, there is plenty of good emphasis on personal vitality but the mental/emotional vitality is being ignored. The stress from the job may begin to affect aspects of mental and physical vitality alike. For instance, you may have trouble sleeping because you are constantly stressed about work, which in turn may cause a hormonal imbalance, depression, weight gain, irritability, and ultimately affect personal relationships. This is a perfect example of why it is so important to find balance between the physical and mental components of our personal vitality.

Creating a Physical Vitality Experiment

I’m an insomniac and I have always had difficulty sleeping. I am going to go through this process of Experimental Vitality to find a way to create better sleep. The scientific method is very basic. The first step in the scientific method is asking a question.

The Question

How Can I Create Better Sleep?

The Research

Seek help from medical professionals, search the internet, and talk to trusted friends.

The Hypothesis

After gathering plenty of information leading me to a hypothesis. But, I must test that hypothesis.

“Creating a nighttime ritual will create better sleep.”

The Methods

Based on my initial research, I develop a list of nighttime rituals that I will implement over the next 30 days.

  • Taking a shower at night to wind down
  • Turning the lights down a few hours before bed
  • Drinking a cup of chamomile tea
  • Going to bed at the same time

In order for my experiment to be successful, I have to have some type of metric that can measure if my methods are creating better sleep. Fitness trackers, like FitBits, can give a quantitative to the number of hours of sleep. Other qualitative measurements may require journaling how I feel everyday, whether I feel rested, how do I feel. I find its always a good idea to keep an experimental journal, electronic or handwritten, to right down any progress or deviations in the methods, as well as qualitative and quantitative measurements.

I implement these nighttime rituals every night for the next 30 days. You want to give a time period for the experiment that allows time for methods to take effect. Most researchers suggest at least 21 days to form a new habit or to see results of biohacking experiments.

The Results

After 30 day, I analyze the results. Overall, I did create better sleep. I could stop there and choose to implement my new methods into my lifestyle, or I could create a new experiment. Afterall, my sleep is better, but it is still not where I desire. Creating better sleep is essential to my personal vitality.

Next Steps

So, I move forward, with the same process, asking new questions and formulating new hypothesis. I set off to test a hypothesis that 5 mg of melatonin taken before bed will create better sleep.

Results are still pending.


Vitality is a grandiose science experiment and an ongoing process. While I presented a Personal Vitality experiment, the process is applicable to all aspects of Experimental Vitality.