Scientific Journey Standing on the Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon National Park with a BackPack

Vitality is a Journey

The journey is not singular. Experimental Vitality includes us and the world we inhabit. We all share one planet and Environmental Vitality is an essential component to Vitality.

As a scientist, I solve many of life’s complexities using scientific principles. My own vitality is a dynamic scientific experiment with limitless hypotheses to explore. These experiments haven’t always been easy and the process is far from completion. The end goal, is a state of Ultimate Vitality.

With my experience as a scientist, a seasoned patient, a teacher, and a student, I understand complex research and filter through what is applicable to vitality. There is a world of information available and I hope to organize the pertinent information so that we may find vitality a little less confusing.

My own brand of personal experiences, lessons learned, and triumphs will leave you with joy and other times tears.

My Environment

After living in different locations all over this great United States and traveling to exciting new places across the globe, I have found the place I call home – Montana. I prefer a laid back, quiet environment where I can spend the majority of my free time in the Natural World. There is no rival to the extensive trail system and open land that Helena, Montana has to offer. Helena is the capital city with just enough culture, entertainment, and restaurants. The town is still a quaint, lovely, and peaceful place to live. My house is small but perfectly big enough. I enjoy spending time in my wonderful garden where I grow my own vegetables and flowers. My son has the ability to enjoy neighborhood friends who routinely ride bikes, scooters, and skateboards on our quiet street.

Even though I am an avid skier, the long cold months do wear on me, and I hope to find more opportunity for respite in warmer climates during the doldrums of winter.

My Family 

My family on a hiking journey posing in front of Crow Falls, Montana

My Family in front of Crow Falls, Montana

At a certain point in my life, I realized family is those that we choose to surround ourselves with. While my biological family is not extensive and scattered across the United States, the family I choose is quite present. My closest friends, and you know who you are, are there through the good the bad and the ugly. I am so immensely fortunate to have such love and support in my life.

I live in my small house with my energetic and adventurous son and my partner, my best friend. It is very rare to find a person who allows their partner the freedom to spread their wings and fly through this crazy adventure called life and yet be unconditionally there to patch things up during a fall.

Oh, and I cannot forget my favorite hiking buddy and spiritual leader, Wing Nut, the Labrador Retriever, and my big hairball and cuddle master, Flash the Cat.

My Career

Teaching My Son How to Collect Water Samples from the Gardiner River, Yellowstone National Park

Teaching My Son How to Collect Water Samples from the Gardiner River, Yellowstone National Park

The majority of my professional journey is spent as a scientist for the Environmental Industry, either in private sector consulting, academic research, or state government. In other words, I am a square peg trying to jam myself into a round whole. Most of my life I have kept journals.  The common theme when reading about my professional life is that “I am not well suited for this type of work.” By no means am I referring to the work itself. I am quite skilled at collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data and planning and managing scientific projects. But, and this is a big BUT, I am not mentally capable. It has been a struggle for me to be sentenced to cubeland day in and day out with the periodic furlough into the field becoming less frequent the further I advance in my field.

I am a vibrant, energetic, and outgoing individual wilting away in a 6 x 6 cell. Additionally, I find myself at odds with the motives of the industry for which I serve. I don’t want to be an advocate for something I don’t believe in personally.

The bottom line is I love science, all science, but I am by no means a stereotypical scientist. At the core, I resent the fact that I am forced to specialize in just one aspect of science. I long for the past when a scientist could study all disciplines and be an inventor, a painter, and a student of life. When I am finally freed cubeland, my creative energy will be boundless.

My Freedom

My freedom is in my creation. Experimental Vitality has provided personal fulfillment from the moment I wrote the concept on paper. Of course, I couldn’t stop there, and it has been my passion from every moment forward.

If you would like to read more about my Experimental Vitality Journey, check out My EV Story.

I want to share my Ultimate Vitality with the world, if you will let me, and have vowed to bring my message forward through my website, videos, podcasts, lectures, speaking engagements, seminars, webinars, and online courses.

Please feel free to contact me. I always welcome new opportunities to speak to individuals or groups of people.