5 Suggestions for Better Cubicle Land Posture

Milton from the Movie "Office Space" showing bad posture in Cubicle Land

Let’s face it, humans are not meant to sit 8 hours a day in a cube. It can be very disruptive to our health, most specifically, our cubicle land posture.

Researchers have linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns, including obesity and an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer, among other disorders. Not to mention it is disastrous for those who suffer from sciatica, back pain, or any type of joint discomfort. Sitting for long periods of time may also create these disastrous conditions in once healthy people who didn’t seem to suffer from aches and pains before they started in Cubicle Land, my self included.

Cubicle Land is wrecking my Personal Vitality and slowly killing me.

I knew it.

So, I did some research, and found a few suggestions to slow down the killing process until I can find liberation from Cubicle Land.

5 suggestions for Better Cubicle LAnd Posture

  1. Water and Bathroom Breaks

I drink a lot of water, two 32 ounce Nalgenes of water a day, minimum. I also keep a water boiler on my desk for hot tea. This water consumption results in a lot of getting up to refill my water reservoir and to empty my water reservoir. Going to the bathroom definitely counts as movement. I challenge myself and use a bathroom on a different floor. Don’t cheat and take the elevator, walk the stairs.

  1. Talk to Your Colleagues In Person

Also, get up as much as possible. Instead of sending an email to a colleague, go and talk to them

  1. Change Your Desk Position

I find that changing my desk position every hour helps. Now this can only be accomplished if you can convince your supervisor to buy you a standing desk. I highly recommend the type of standing desk that lifts the entire desk top, otherwise you will have to wrestle around with gadgets and levers which will make you less likely to want to change your computer position if you have to go through a hassle every time you want to stand or sit.

I like to stand when I first arrive in the morning until about 10am. Remember, standing for long periods of time can also be harmful for the joints as well. If you find yourself standing for long periods of time, sway a bit, keep your knees slightly bent, and maybe get yourself an orthopedic mat for under your feet. I like to take off my shoes and stand on the mat while at my desk. It feels good, for at least a while.

When I am done with standing, I move my desk way down and sit on a stability ball time. I love bouncing on the stability ball. Just remember good posture, don’t slouch.

After bouncing becomes a bore, I will either stand again, or move my chair to the desk and lower to a sitting position. My supervisor was super generous and I was able to get an elevated chair. I will alternate between sitting in the chair and maybe standing and leaning against the chair.

All these desk, chair, and stability ball positions give me plenty of different positions that I can alternate through in a given 8 hour day.

  1. Take Walking, Not Smoking Breaks

I also make sure to take breaks and walk around the block.

Just get up and Move


  1. Workout at Lunch

Leave the office at lunchtime to go to the gym for more movement. I also like to hit the walking trails with my favorite walking partner.

  1. Anti-Slouch Devices

There are devices designed to signal you from slouching. I haven’t personally tried any of these devices, and if a manufacturer wanted to send me one of these devices, I would surely give them an honest try. It appears that these devices have been around for many years, and the Lumo Lift seemed to be the device most mentioned when conducting my internet research. The Lumo will buzz a reminder whenever the wearer slumps back into a slouch. Reviewers stated that it worked but it became fairly annoying. Another slouch devices iis the Darma. The Darma is similar to a seat cushion that monitors how you sit.


Summing it Up

The best solution to saving your posture from Cubeland, is to “quit working in Cubeland.”

Just kidding (not really)! Quitting is not a viable solution for most people’s financial situation. The next best solution is to incorporate the many suggestions presented in this article and to keep any type of movement at the top of the list.



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