5 Things Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You After a Chronic Diagnosis

Don't Give Up in Bold Letters

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I have been successful at managing Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), more specifically Crohn’s Colitis for the vast majority of my life. Within the past couple years, I was diagnosed with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). Combining recommendations from traditional and alternative health practitioners and my own brand of Experimental Vitality, I am hoping to get my vitality figured out.

I have a compiled a list, based on my extensive experience as a patient, of the 5 things doctor’s don’t tell you when initially diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder or chronic illness.

1. There is no “one” treatment and there is no “one” answer.

Usually health practitioners suggest finding a program and strictly adhere to it. I would disagree. I believe everybody is different and requires experimentation into a program that you “can” stick to long term and that works, and then modifying it to fit your lifestyle and/or symptoms.

2. It’s not easy.

No treatment protocol is easy.

3. Depression or a change in emotional wellness may be a side-affect.

Diseases of the gut tend to have long lasting psychological ramifications even after symptoms are under maintenance. There are questions that require answering, such as “why me?” or “how can I move forward?” There may be the loss of favorite foods and a lifestyle that was once thoroughly enjoyed. Seeking out a good counselor with practical knowledge of your disease may be extremely helpful during treatment and for long term maintenance.

4. Finding the Right Treatment is an Experiment.

Finding a treatment and lifestyle that works in the long term is an individual experiment, and just because it works for one patient, it may not work for another.

5. Don’t Give Up

If you don’t find the results or the answers you are looking for, keep experimenting, find other doctors and specialists, join support groups, and most of all don’t give.


If you have a history of chronic illness  or have been recently diagnosed , I would love to hear from you. Please send me an email or leave a comment on this post.


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I am a scientist, teacher, student, friend, and mom. I am on a journey to my ultimate vitality. That journey includes living to the fullest, loving everyday, laughing whenever possible, and a constant state of learning.

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