Experimental Vitality

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What is Experimental Vitality?

Vitality is strength, life, energy, and vigor. Vitality is the power to create a purposeful existence. Experimental Vitality is the process that creates a state of ultimate vitality for ourselves and the environment in which we thrive. The two intrinsic components of Experimental Vitality are Personal Vitality and Environmental Vitality. Asking questions and experimenting is the core focus of experimental vitality. The experiment is the process of finding answers to these core questions using sound science.

Experimental Vitality Process

Experimental Vitality is a journey to an ultimate state of Vitality. This journey is not singular. We do not live in a bubble. The journey to an ultimate state of Vitality requires all of us to come together with the goal of creating our best life for ourselves and future generations. This journey is the Ultimate Vitality Quest.

We don’t live in a vacuum. We can control certain aspects of our personal vitality, but other aspects of environmental vitality require a collective. It takes a society as a whole to move forward together for the betterment of the society. Experimental vitality is a movement of many individuals on similar quests of ultimate vitality.

Example of Experimental Vitality

Eating only organic foods and meditating every day are excellent practices to enhance your physical vitality; however, the journey to ultimate vitality will fall short if the environment for which you thrive is crumbling. For instance, your source of fresh drinking water is diminishing due to over-allocation, unsustainable practices, and climate change.

Core Principals of Experimental Vitality


Don’t be afraid to ask question. Ask lots of questions and keep asking questions until you find the answer.


Become a critical thinker. Don’t just take information at face value, always ask the question, “what is the source of this information?” and “does this make sense?”


You can be your best advocate or your worst enemy. Fight for your health, fight for your family, and fight for the environment for which you thrive. The Vitality Quest starts with the individual. Decide what is right for you.


Take what you have learned, what is right for you, your family, and your environment and be effective at implementing change in your everyday life.

Experimental Vitality vs. Biohacking

Experimental Vitality is Ecocentric where biohacking is Egocentric.

Biohacking and Experimental Vitality are not the same process. The process of biohacking is similar to one aspect of Experimental Vitality, Physical Vitality.

Biohacking, similar to Physical Vitality, is a process of looking at the self and trying to figure out how to reach an individual’s optimum through their own biology. Discovering the most beneficial foods for an individual’s biology would be one example of biohacking.

Experimental vitality is more encompassing, wholistic, and ecocentric. For instance, growing foods that are not only nutritionally beneficial to society, but also grown with sustainable agricultural practices so that future generations may enjoy the same benefit is an example of Experimental Vitality. Experimental Vitality leads to an ultimate state of vitality for everyone not just the individual.